Homan, Margot

Margot Homan

Margot Homan was born in Oss in the Netherlands & educated at the Tilburg Academy for fine Arts.

After some years of teaching at the Markendaal College, Margot decided to follow her artistic vocation full-time. Her work is represented in many private and public collections at home and abroad. In November 2012 Queen Beatrix unveiled Margot’s bronze statue of Marga Klompe at the University of Tilberg to celebrate the 100 th anniversary of the birth of the first female Dutch minister.

Margot considers many factors and experiments a great deal in the preparatory stages of working. The sculpture then assumes a form in which the concept is expressed in great detail and springs from Margot's fascination for the human condition.

This same passionate dedication means she personally supervises the casting and finishing of her work in bronze and marble. This all happens at the Mariani Foundry in Pietrasanta in Tuscany, where the works of the great Columbian sculptor Fernando Botero are also created. It is in Italy also that Margot finds the beautiful variety of marble she uses for her sculptures and pedestals.

Sonata by Margot Homan

Bronze on green marble base.

Signed: M Homan      Height: 43 cm     Editon Artiste  1V of 1V

Mariani Art Foundry Seal

Our ref 16M

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