Jeane d'Arc Enchainée

Barrias, Louis Ernest

Louis Ernest Barrias (1841-1905)

Barrias was a disciple of classicism but drawn to the charm of the renaissance and the innovative style of the Masters of the Romantic Period. He first exhibited a marble bust at the Paris Salon of 1861. Later that year he won a Prix de Rome with 'Odysseus Returning'. He enjoyed a sucessful career, winning medals in 1870 and 1878 and becoming a member of the Acadamie des Beaux Arts.



Jeane d'Arc Enchainée by Louis Ernest Barrias

 Bronze figure of Joan of Arc with hands chained.

 Jeane d'Arc Enchainee    c. 1900   Signed: Barrias    Height: 20 cm  Foundry; Susse Ed. Paris. 

Our ref 1275

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