L'Amour Irresistible

Zambaco, Marie

Marie Cassavetti Zambaco  (1843-1914)

British artist and model of Greek descent. She studied at the Slade School under Alphonse Legros and in Paris under Auguste Rodin.

In the 1880's she worked as a sculptor and the British Museum holds four of her medals. She exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1887 and at the Arts & Crafts Society in 1889, as well as the Paris Salon.

As a model she was favoured by the pre-raphaelites and sat for Edward Burne-Jones, James Whistler and Dante Rossetti.

L'Amour Irresistible by Marie Cassavetti Zambaco (1843-1914)

 Beautiful patinated spelter figure of Cupid

 L'Amour Irresistible   c.1896   Signed: Cassavetti-Zambaco

 Height: 81 cm       L'Amour Irresistible   Beaux Arts 1896

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