Picault , Emile Louis

Picault Emile Louis (1833-1915)

Picault had a remarkable career spanning some fifty years during which time the  pieces he sculpted were cast in bronze by different foundries including Colin and Susse Freres

. He actively exhibited  at the Paris Salons from 1863-1909. His subjects were mainly male figures on allegorical, historical, mythological and patriotic themes. He took a great deal of care in the accurace of his historical pieces, reproducing the finest details . His work was cast by the best of the Paris foundries and he is one of the most widely-known and dramatic Romantic sculptors.






Pecheur by Emile Louis Picault (1833-1915)

 Superb cast of a bronze fisherman

 Pecheur c. 1885    Signed: Picault    Height: 58 cm

 Reference:  Kjellberg - Bronzes of the 19th Century

Our ref EP1257

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