Young Lady

Weigele, Henri

Henri Weigele  (1858-1927)

Weigele studied under the noted sculptor Jules Francesi (1825-1893). Like his tutor, he
won many medals including a Bronze medal in 1907 and a Silver medal in 1909. 
He exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Francais and became a member of the Society in 

                        Liverpool:  Athenian Woman (marble and bronze)
                    Paris, Orsay:  Chauchard Assis (gilded bronze)
Young Lady by Henri Weigele (1825-1893)

Marble bust of a young woman

 Young Lady  c. 1895   Signed: Weigele      Height: 57 cm

 Retailers mark:  Boudet  Blvd. des Capucins

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