Dumaige, Henri Etienne

Etienne Henri Dumaige (1830-1888)

Dumaige studied sculpture under Feuchere and Dumont. He exhibited his sculptures depicting groups, statues, and busts at the Salon from 1863-1886. He is most well known for his statuettes of dancers. . He sculpted a large number of busts, groups and statuettes in marble, plaster and bronze, including statuettes of Desmoulins and Rabelais.

In 1864 he exhibited a group in bronze entitled " L'age d'or", a statue in bronze, "Hero", in 1864, "Retour des champs" in 1866, a marble bust of Moliere in 1872, a statuette entitled Francois Rabelais in terracotta in 1873, a statue in marble for the city hall in Tours in 1880, "Camille Desmoulins" in plaster 1882, and "Patrie", a bronze in 1886. Different works were cast in bronze, in particular, dancers, as well as works entitled, Salome, and Esmeralda, and also a grenadier of 1792 entitled Apres les combat, a reduction of Camille Desmoulins.


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 Chloe by Etienne Henry Dumaige (1830-1888)

 Charming bronze bust of Chloe on red marble base.

 Chloe c.1870    Signed : Dumaige     Height: 46 cm   Base: 13 cm

 Reference: Benezit - Dictionary of Artists

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