Maiden with Goats

Garraud, Gabriel Joseph

 Gabriel Joseph Garraud  (1807-1880)

 Garraud was a native of Dijon and exhibited group compositions at the Paris Salon
 1838-1875). He won a bronze medal in 1838 and a silver medal in 1844. He was appointed 
 Director of the Ecole des Beaux Arts in 1848 and is remembered for his marble statue of 
 the Marquis de Laplace in the Paris Observatory.

 Museums & Galleries:
                                   Dijon: Orpheus
                                   Versailles: C. de Thou - First President of the french parliament  
 Maiden with Goats by Gabriel Joseph Garraud (1807-1880)

 Bronze group depicting reclining figure of a woman with goats on gilded wooden plinth.

 Maiden with Goats  c. 1840     Signed: Garraud    Length: 41 cm   Height: 36 cm

 Reference: Benezit - Dictionary of Artists

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