Spring [SOLD]

Costoli, Leopoldo

 Leopoldo Costoli (1850-1908)
                                               Leopoldo was the son of Aristodemo Costoli, a notable
 sculptor who lived and worked in Florence. Leopoldo himself studied at the Academia di 
Belle Arti de Firenze. He sculpted busts, portraits and received commissions for public 

 Notable Works:
                           Monument to Niccolo Tommaseo
                           Bernardo Cennini (San Lorenzo, Florence)
                           Museo della Specola: statue of Galileo Galeili
 Spring by Leopoldo Costoli (1850-1908)

 Carrara marble figure of a young maiden representing Spring.

 Spring c. 1890   Signed: L C  Firenze     Height : 60 cm

 Reference: Panzetta - Dizionario Degli Scultari Italiani

Our ref 1189

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