Lion Roaring [SOLD]

Delabrierre, Edouard

Delabriere, Edouard Paul (1829-1912)

Delabriere was an animalier sculptor who exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1848-1882. Taking inspiration from AL Barye, Delabriere's sculptures were realistic, and popular in both the UK and USA during the Nineteenth Century. His favourite subjects were dogs and big cats and he was awarded an honourable mention in 1859 for his sculpture of a Panther and Heron.

In 1865 the Salon showed his Tiger du Bengal and he continued to sculpt horses, hunting dogs and large mammals. Delabriere was a member of the Societé des Artistes Francais and is the author of  L'Equitation,  depicting a horse and two putti which adorns the facade of the Palais du Louvre. His usual signature is E. Delabrierre.


 Lion Roaring by Edourd Delabrierre (1829-1912)

  Majestic bronze cast of a lion

  Lion Rugissant   Signed: E. Delabrierre    Length: 24.5 cm  Height: 18 cm

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  Reference:  Kjellberg - 19th Century Sculpture

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