Nature Unveiling Herself

Barrias, Louis Ernest

Louis Ernest Barrias (1841-1905)

Barrias was a disciple of classicism but drawn to the charm of the renaissance and the innovative style of the Masters of the Romantic Period. He first exhibited a marble bust at the Paris Salon of 1861. Later that year he won a Prix de Rome with 'Odysseus Returning'. He enjoyed a sucessful career, winning medals in 1870 and 1878 and becoming a member of the Acadamie des Beaux Arts.



 Nature Unveiling Herself Before Science

 This sculpture was commissioned in 1889 for the Medical School at Bordeaux. It was first 
 executed in marble and the original is now in the Museum of the Louvre. Later versions 
 of the piece includes the use of marble and onyx, this is a rare all bronze model at 98 cm 
 cast by the Susse Freres Foundry.

  La Nature Se Devoilant  c.1900   Signed: E Barrias    Height: 98 cm
  Susse Foundry Seal

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 Reference: Kjellberg - Dictionary of 19th Century Sculpture

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