Villanis, Emmanuel

Emmanuel Villanis (1858-1914)

Born in France to Italian parents Villanis studied at the Academia of Turin from 1871. He returned to France to work and began exhibiting at the Paris Salon from 1886. Inspired by a love of music and opera Villanis also drew on certain elements of mythology, Orientalism and the Art Noveau movement for his subjects.

Best known for his busts of women, capturing beauty tinged with melancholy, he also produced some full-size figures and a number of groups. These figures and busts display a characteristic style and are usually titled.



Bronze figure of Sapho by Emmanuel Villanis (1858-1914)

 Graceful depiction of the poet Sappho holding a lyre.

Sapho c. 1892   Signed: E. Villanis    Height: 42 cm

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