Nymph de Diane


                       Mme. Lucie  Signoret-Ledieu (1858-1904)

A pupil of Jean Gautherin, Signoret-Ledieu was a pupil of Jean Gautherin and exhibited at the Salon de Paris from 1878. She won honourable mentions at the Salons des Artistes Francais of 1883 and 1886. Her statue of Joan of Arc stands in St. Pierre-le- Moutier in Nervers

Notable works:  Source 

Museums :     Chambery: Woman Spinning

Nymph de Diane by Lucie Signoret-Ledieu (1832-1927)

 Bronze figure representing Diana the Huntress with a bow and holding a trumpet-shaped
flower at a sea monster which writhes at her feet.

Nymph de Diane c.1891     Signed: Ledieu    Height: 66 cm

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